Fw: [Amps] 2879 biasing

skipp s isaham nospam4me at juno.com
Thu Feb 20 21:18:55 EST 2003

Have you ever measured the Zero Signal Ic with temp 
changes Bill..? Or have any data/examples to reference..?
Transition from "a little dirty" to "clean" with temp seems 
a bit much. 
>>>>When adjusting the bias for a 2sc2879 amp operating 
>>>>at 15v, what
Remember that unless you're using a temperature
    compensating bias circuit the resting collector current
    will rise as the heatsink, flange, and B-E junction(s)
    increase in temperature.  In a nutshell, what is Class B
    and a little dirty at room temperature can quickly become
    Class AB and clean after the first QSO--especially with
    15 volts on the collector(s).
 -=[Bill Eitner]=-

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