[Amps] Source of Dri-transfer Lettering

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Sun Feb 23 22:43:34 EST 2003

>A few years ago I used rub on dry transfer lettering for my Home Brew 
>Projects. Two Questions?
>1.) Are these Lettering Transfers available and from whom?
>2.) Is there a more modern method of putting a professional       look on 
>Ham radio equipment control lettering?

Yes, print the needed lettering on laserprinter 8.5" x 11" clear film, 
cut apart, trim to size, place, and cover with Magic Mending ® tape.

>I have been reading this reflector for several months now and wish to 
>compliment all on the great co-operation and wealth of knowledge on the 
>part of all contributors   Good Job.
>Joe W7TYN
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