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Peter Frenning, OZ1PIF oz1pif@get2net.dk
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 12:12:42 +0100

I may have to stand corrected here....

My personal experience is limited to the Svetlana brand mounted in an
FL-2000B, which, even with the Svetlana mod, was a less than satisfactory
experience. I was never able to get more than 300W on 10m, and the one time
I really tried to tickle more than than out of the beast, it cost me an
almighty bang and two broken tubes! I have now modified the amp to use a
single QB4/1100 (or QB3.5/750) which is a tetrode very similar to the 500Z,
in GG service. The amp will now deliver more than 650W on 80m and ~550W on
10m, in addition to being a lot easier to tune. See full story on my

I have heard the same experience from other users of amp with the 572B
(mostly SB-2xx), but, as stated above, I'm willing to yeild to higher

Vy 73 de OZ1PIF, Peter

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> Your comments about the 572 do not seem correct. What is the basis for
> belief that they are inferior at 30MHZ?
> I have used 4 572's in my amplifier for several years, using virtually all
> known species, including the overrated and overpriced SV572. I have no
> problem getting full KW out on all bands - except when the line voltage
> low out here in the country. With only 95 VAC coming in, even if I had one
> those tetrodes with handles  I am reduced to a Mississippi kilowatt (I
> get running - I can hear them coming down the street now!)
> Eric von Valtier K8LV
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