[Amps] RF Power transistors

Steve Thompson g8gsq@qsl.net
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 20:50:28 -0000

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Subject: [Amps] RF Power transistors

> Does anyone know of a source of high-rent RF power transistors at bargain
> prices?
> I have several projects to try but the stiff prices for these solid-state
> 807's is still a little hard to handle. For example, the MRF141G is widely
> quoted in the $150 price range. The old reliable 2sc2879 can be had pretty
> economically from a number of places, but the 12Volt limitation (as well
> its not red-hot gain) is not desirable for many applications. M/ACom's
> sourcing of the MRF products has brought the prices down somewhat, but it
> still a $100+ proposition for the equivalent of a pair of 6146's.
For hf, the bipolars are usually better value - SD1407s come in cheap, for
example, as do THA15s (sold with their SD... number these days but I forget
it). There's a guy in Holland who appears to be able to get fet fall out
from the Philips factory at low prices - hunt for BLF177, for example.

A minor point - M/A Com aren't second sourcing MRF products - Motorola
offloaded the entire fet product line to them, only retaining the 1 and 2
GHz fet lines for cell base station work. I'm not sure if M/A Com got the
high power bipolars as well. So far, M/A Com vhf fets appear ok.

Small signal stuff mostly went to MSC, and I've already done work for two
clients who found the MSC parts didn't pass muster.