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They had an "X" series as well.  I have an Eimac X593R which looks like a
4CX1000A with a rounded top on the anode cap.  Any idea of what the specs
are?  I think it may be a  4CX1000A with higher filament voltage rating.
Perhaps 28-28 volts??
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> Most of the cold-war, real-secrety Y series / black-project tubes are
> fairly similar to the ordinary tube they resemble.  For instance, the
> Y-448 looks like a 4-1000A/8166 and it acts like a 4-1000A.  The
> difference is more emission, more fil amps and for sure way more $$$$$$$.
>    Meanwhile, the Russkys were building pretty good tubes at Svetlana's
> factory in St. Petersburg.  One advantage of Svetlana ceramic tubes was a
> better metal-ceramic seal resulted from adding a trance of manganese to
> the ceramic.  [purplish tint]
> >I'm sure someone knows, possibly an Eimac Spy, but I'd like to know where
> >might look for a table or chart, which might give the conversions of the
> >Y-series of tubes to the 4cx versions. Eimac won't, and I expect they
> >powered
> >the C.I.A.'s handhelds until they found out that kind of power will give
> >brain cancer. I thank you all in advance.
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