[Amps] New 4-1000A and New Amp design in works

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Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:08:37 -0800

>2 said:
> "we learned that good spotwelds are not sound 
>unless they look like some of the metal has melted.  In other words, a 
>real pretty weld is really pretty weak.  The solution is to increase the 
>spotwelder current (and/or increase the weld-time)until the weld looks 
>Good welds look good.  

The spotwelds on Eimac/Salt Lake tubes looked good.  The welds eventually 
failed.  The welds on Chinese 3-500s do not look as good but they do not 

>If the weld looks nasty, it is probably not a good
>weld.  It is a basic premise of welding that the material must be melted to
>be effective, unlike soldering.  Soldering will not melt the materials,
>welding must.  Good welds are a work of art.  
>Colin  K7FM 

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