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Bill L. Fuqua wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
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I have had around a half dozen pole pigs over the years.
by the time you get rid of the case and the oil they weigh less than 70 or 80 lbs. 
Also, in the old days hams used inductive input filters in their power supplies because most use mercury vapor rctifiers.
   One probem was getting rid of the old oil soaked into the fish paper and windings. Some would wrap them with cheese cloth and bake them in the oven to force the oil to wick into the cheese cloth. Can you imagine what the XYL had to say after that operation was completed?

Bill wa4lav

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 Thanks Bill
    In 30 years I have never seen those available to the "normal" people like us hams here in VK and I have never none anyone within my circle of ham friends that have gotten hold of one let alone used one...but then again with our power limit set to 400w pep i don't think there would ever be a call for them...but you know i might even enquire as to the availability of a "junk" one from the local electrical supply who has a storage depot about 2 miles up the road from me and if i can get hold of one then at least i can have a play and see what they are made of and maybe even scrounge some good wire out of it..I can't see myself making a HV supply from it as I would have no need for that but wreck it for the heck I will..
Thanks to all who replied to my query and I should have asked that question many years ago when i first heard about a "pole pig" from your way but you know how it is..dumb question = dumb operator...
Hopefully that way of thinking has changed
      regards   Rick

        These pole transformers are often replaced when upgrading a neighborhoods electrical distribution system. In the 60's and 70's they were very often available 
due to the fact that many homes started using air conditioning. The home owners had to upgrade from
100 amp service to 200 or more to accommodate the power requirements of the air conditioning.
Also, the utility companies had to replace the pole transformers and drops to the homes with new larger capacity ones. So lots of them were available. Now you find them mostly at ham fest and silent key sales. But there are still neighborhoods that are requiring more energy due to the fact that in some areas that have cheap electricity it is more economical to use heat pumps than gas.
     Naturally the primary becomes the secondary and vice versa for a HV transformer.
Bill wa4lav

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>Bill Fuqua Wrote
> >snip
>3.  The standard pole transformers which were popular for building power 
>supplies from
>      provide much more than 3KV unless you drop the input voltage down to 
> 40 or 50 volts.
> >snip
>Please clarify my thinking here as to what you mean by "standard pole transformers"
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