[Amps] HELP: obsolete power zener for a TL-922

Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Wed Jan 29 07:50:26 EST 2003

Hi Rich,

Re: Power zener surge current ratings....

You normally won't find the surge rating for a zener on a data sheet, since
a single-die zener isn't normally tested under surge conditions, it's
characterized for DC; e.g., the 1N3306B is rated 6.9Adc zener current at
stud temperatures up to 75 degrees C.  However, the real surge rating is
found when the same die is rated as a transient voltage suppressor, such as
the Microsemi 15KE7.5A, which uses the same silicon zener die as the 1N3306B
but is characterized not for DC use, but as a TVS.  That part is rated 15kWp
based on an 8/20uS pulse waveform, which translates per the curve to a
1,500Apk rating.  Same die, same device, just tested differently.


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> >Cheaper, probably, but I can't see why they'd be more rugged.  A 3A epi
> >rectifier should have about a 150A top 300A surge rating, 
> 200a for a 1n5400 series rectifier.
> >and so does a 7.5V
> >50W zener.  
> Not that I've seen so far in any specs.
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