[Amps] tube prices in 1959

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Thu Jan 30 01:08:13 EST 2003

During the same period that tubes went up  5X, Real Estate went up 10X in my
part of  New Jersey.
My friend just sold his 1962 $48,000 house for $475,000 !
  Ken W2DTC

Subject: [Amps] tube prices in 1959

For your amusement...

I recently acquired an Eimac price list from 1959.  Here are some 1959
prices, along with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjusted prices, along
with recent prices from various places on the web (no ebay prices).

Unfortunately the 1959 price list did not include any of the triodes which
are so popular nowadays.  There was also no 4CX10000, although there was a
4CW10000 (water cooled) which would take care of the blower noise problems.

The CPI info is from a year 1665-2012 CPI conversion table at

Of course, you need to look at it in Courier or other non-proportional font.

 Tube     1959 basic  1959 adjusted 2002/3 price
 4-400A        48.00         298.14       210.00
 4-1000A      132.00         819.88       640.00
 4CX250B       45.00         279.50       185.00
 4CX1000A     156.00         968.94       862.00
 4CX5000A     450.00        2795.03      2163.00


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