[Amps] SB220

Vic Rosenthal vic at rakefet.com
Tue Nov 4 08:21:10 EST 2003

ZL2AAA wrote:
> Hi All A local amateur has the opportunity to purchase a SB220 with
> new 3/500's what are the pro's and con's for this amp and what is a
> reasonable price .Tnx Morrie

Can't tell you a reasonable price in NZ, since it depends on supply & 
demand, but here are some pros & cons:


Usually available cheap.  Simple, 3-500Z's still available.  Lots of 
useful modifications available.


Getting old, power supply components and blower may be aging.  GOOD 
3-500Z's can be hard to find.  Does not cover 160 meters.  Slow 
open-frame t/r relay.  Build quality depends on original builder.  Lots 
of inappropriate modifications available.


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