[Amps] Wanted - scanned data sheets.

Dave Kirkby davek at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 18 00:22:31 EST 2003

I've put a number of copies of Eimac data sheets I've scanned at 


if you have any complete data sheets that are not readily available in
full on the web (Eimacs are not for example), the could you scan one for
me (at 300 dpi or above), grayscale or colour, then email me each
individual page. Of if you prefer, stick them on an ftp or web server and
I'll download them. I'll convert to PDF. Of course, if you want to convert
to PDF and send me the pdf, I'll hapily accept that.

Several have asked how I get files into PDF and whether or not I use the
commerical product from Adobe to write the PDFs. The basic method I used
is to scan and save the files as Postscript using Gimp (which is free)


(that does the scanning and saving to postscript). You could however use
scanner software and set up a postscript printer under Windoze (even if
you don't own
such a printer), then print to a file. So instead of the postscript going
to your printer, you put it in a file instead. It's a good idea to view it
in Ghostview:


which again is free. Then I convert to PDF using Ghostscript (at the above
site too). I do this all on a UNIX box (a Sun), but Windoze versions of
both the Gimp and Ghostscript are available. 

If replying by email, could you reply to this email address below
and *not* the one I'm sending this from. 



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