[Amps] Paralleling diodes?

SM0EJR 'Joe' crabspider at telia.com
Thu Sep 11 18:45:39 EDT 2003


I'm constructing a High Voltage PSU using a doubling-circuit.
But analyzing the circuit tells me that the current for the diodes will be
rather high...

I have lots of 500V/5 A diodes that I would like to use. Now comes the
Can I parallel them?????

I would like to use 6 Diodes in 2 "legs" (in parallel) making up one beefy

Here follows a very crude schematic:

     Resistor -->Diode--->Diode  etc. -->Diode ----\
----/                                               ------
    \Resistor -->Diode--->Diode  etc. -->Diode ----/ 

Is an equalizing Series Resistor for each diode-leg useful or just an "old


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