[Amps] Input Impedance of GI-7BT Triode

Mike Tubby mike.tubby at thorcom.co.uk
Sun Sep 14 09:55:34 EDT 2003

The easiest thing to do would be:

a) to guess
b) take it to a friendly RF engineer who has a network analyser

> I have recently completed converting an MLA-2500B to use the GI-7BT
> Thanks to a lot of hand holding by Lawson, W4EMF!
> Now, I am building WD7S's great little TU-7B tuned input board to allow
> driving the amp with a modern tranceiver which does not have an
> I am wondering how to determine the input impedance of these tubes.  Plate
> voltage is around 2300v.  I have the data sheet, but am not seeing any
> reference to the input impedance since this is a tube designed for pulsed
> microwave service.
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> 73 Kevin K7ZS
> Portland, Oregon
> k7zs at earthlink.net
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