[Amps] sb-220 on 17 meters

peter lecutis2 at netscape.net
Mon Feb 23 21:21:04 EST 2004

Thanks for the help.
So Mr. Measures asked the following question as seen below.  So I tune 
up to find the answers.  Mind you I just installed a vhf parasitic kit 
I now get decent output with no extra heat or filament glow.  Tubes are 
weak so take outputs with this in mind.
Input Swr 1.0:1
Plate amp. 0.6
Grid millamp 210
output swr 1.4:1
exciter watts 84
output  775 watts

Two conclusions.  Its an intermitant problem or the parasitic kit 
altered something.

Maybe human error but I doubt it. I tried tuning it up on two different 
days.  With the same low power out on both days.
"R. Measures" <r at somis.org> wrote:

>>I recently aquired a sb-220.  When I try to tune up the amp on 17 meters
>>using the 15 meter band switch I get only 300 watts out and both tubes
>>really are working hard.
>**  What is the plate/anode current reading with key-down/AØ emission on
>the CW tap?  What is the input SWR?  Tnx
>>I get 1kw out on 15 meters and 20 meters.  Is
>>my plate choke resonating about 18 mhz ?  Any help would be appreciated.
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