[Amps] Glass Power Tube rebuilders

G0RUZ Conrad conrad at g0ruz.net
Sun Jun 6 12:25:23 EDT 2004

Rich Measurew wrote......

> ð  To restore the emission of thoriated tungsten filament,  glass
> envelope tube, the vacuum pump connecting tube is opened, acetylene gas
> is introduced, the filament is lit, and tungsten di carbide slowly
> reforms on the surface of the filament.  When a sufficient layer has
> been formed, a vacuum pump is connected, the vacuum is restored, and
> the pumping tube is melted closed.  Thus, there is no need to cut the
> tube apart.
> cheers

Is that actually a rebuild? That just sounds like restoring the 'chemistry'.
Surely a rebuild requires the total removal of the 'innards'. I can't for
the life of me see how this can be done without the glass envelope alignment
being altered.


Conrad G0RUZ

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