[Amps] Glass Power Tube rebuilders

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The problem that I have experienced with rebuilders is that they 
haven't been able to get the glass in sizes that used to be common, 
i.e., a blank in the size of a 3-1000Z diameter, from Germany 
So they have attempted in some cases to re-seal a cut tube, using 
standard glass tooling/lathes, etc. The yield can be awful. I had a 
lopsided Machlett MIL LPT-44 triode made. Another one woudn't seal.

As Rich said, Ceramic Metal technology is rebuildable if there is a 
demand. There are some tubes such as the RCA Cermalox designs, which 
no one wants to touch in the rebuilding biz. Companies like CPI/Eimac 
will rebuild their own larger tubes, again, depending on the market 

>>What is the problem with the RCA Cermalox designs ?
>>I found that Freeland Products Inc rebuilds Cermalox tubes:

73 de LA6MV

Suggest taking a look online and type in Google: "Tube Rebuilder" or 
"Power Tube Rebuilder" for further info.


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