[Amps] Anode clips and parts for sale

Will Matney craxd1 at ezwv.com
Mon Jun 14 11:06:00 EDT 2004

I have a B&K 707 tube tester here that is missing the dual anode clip 
with lead and plug. Years back they used to make a combination anode 
connector having a 1/4" and 3/8" diameter in the same plastic cap for TV 
repair. B&K used this in their lead with a banana plug on the other. If 
anyone has one of these dual anode caps, please let me know and what 
price you may want for it. I can make up the rest of the lead easily. My 
tester is indespencable as it is a mutual conductance tester which 
checks all the tubes up until they quit manufacturer, plus it is in mint 
condition. If anyone has one of these, please let me know. I am 
interested in finding the old spring style "grid clips", or anode clips 
made by Herman H Smith. They quit manufacture on these years ago but 
some still float around. They came in 250 or 500 to the box at that 
time. There were two sizes of these also, 1/4" and 3/8" diameter. I 
would like to purchase what I can of these if anyone runs across them.

Last, I am interested in 9 pin magnoval and 12 pin compactron chassis 
mount tube sockets. The 9 pin fit the popular sweep tubes like the 6LQ6 
and the 12 pin fit the 6LF6. I use these in repair and am interested in 
purchasing lot quantities of these also. I prefer US manufactured ones 
by Cinch Jones, etc. in these.

I have a good quantity of 9 pin magnoval, chassis mount sockets 
manufactured in China to fit the EL-519, PL-519, or 6KG6A tube. They 
will fit all other tubes in this range like the 6LQ6, etc. However, 
their mounting dimensions are just a shade different than the American 
versions. These are for sale separately or in bulk quantities. They are 
$3.00 each for 1-10 or $2.50 each for 11 +. These are NOT the ones 
offered by Svetlana with the ceramic ears which are bad to break. These 
have steel saddles and mount like the older chassis types either on top 
or below the chassis metal. They mount in a 1-1/8" diameter hole with 
two screws or rivets to hold them in the steel ears.

I have a few power transformers for sell that have the following 

325 Vac (Plate or screen supply)
This will provide 500 watts using a voltage doubler producing 910 Vdc 
(OCV) @ 1/2 ampere, or 405 Vdc (OCV) @ 1 ampere, using a straight bridge 
rectifier. The load voltage for the 405 volts is around 352 Vdc, just 
right for the screen supply.

12 Vac @ 10 amperes, C.T. (Control and filament)

120 Vac @ 250 mA (Bias)

Primary is 117 Vac @ 60 Hz
All leads are color coded for phase.

They are ideal for running several pairs of 4CX250B's, 4CX400's, or 
4CX800's. All you need is the plate transformer. The transformers are 
$100.00 each and I have three left.

I can supply photos of these if needed. If interested, contact me at 
craxd1 at ezwv.com  or at craxd at hotmail.com


Will Matney

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