[Amps] Bakelite moulded British 4 pin valve bases sought

CLIVE COLLINS dartaviation at btopenworld.com
Wed Jun 16 10:07:41 EDT 2004

Good day Gentlemen,
An American colleague is seeking a quantity of six of the old four pin British valve holders to refurbish some equipment.
These seem to have dried up generally but is anyone has one or two available of the Bakelite moulded type I will be very pleased to discuss an arrangement.
These will be the type used during the Second World War for a variety of uses, usually in receiver strips.  There was one used I recall in the Audio amplifier for the T1154 transmitter, Amplifier A1834A. I seem to recall as the reference number but valve bases of the thirties are the type sought.
Additionally, he is seeking four pin valve bases that might be recovered from old and otherwise useless valves to create adaptors.  These also seem to be a rarity.
Perhaps if you can help you would be kind enough to contact me direct to my e mail address.
Kindest regards and thanks,
Clive GW3WEQ 

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