[Amps] Alpha 77 capacitor help

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Wed Jun 16 12:07:59 EDT 2004

Check with Dick Byrd, N4UQ.  Dick specializes in the repair of older Alpha
amplifiers.  I know for certain that he has upgraded some 77Sx/Dx amps with
80 uF of high voltage electrolytic capacitors and upgraded rectifiers.


-Paul, W9AC

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> Some weeks a go I mentioned an Alpha 77 that a friend and I were going to
> check out. In examining it we paid attention to the comments made by
> on here about what to look for, in particular the filter capacitor. What
> found was a pool of oil under the amp and a greasy film on the diode
> It will all clean up but the cap is done for we think. Apparently Alpha
> power want $800 but they have directed us to Dahl's who still want $400.
> What we are thinking is that maybe there are alternatives.
> Will a suitably sized bank of electrolytics do the job?
> Can oil filled caps be re-conditioned?
> Does anybody have something that will do for a 'sensible' price?
> Any ideas?
> 73
> Martin, HS0ZED
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