[Amps] Operating position for ex-Soviet triodes?

Steve Thompson g8gsq at ic24.net
Fri Jun 25 12:16:00 EDT 2004

On Friday 25 June 2004 12:52, A.J Moss wrote:
> Dear AMPS contributors,
>         Following some of the 'lore'  with cathode and grid 'droop'
> surrounding some of the ex-soviet triodes, is there any problem with
> operating, say, a GI-7B external anode triode on it's side - does it suffer
> the same malady?
>         I'd like to make a reduced height amp assy with a couple of these
> 'tubes' mounted horizontally. However if they suffer this problem alongside
> some of the others, that's life, and it's back to the drawing board - your
> input is appreciated...
If you visit http://www.ifwtech.co.uk/g3sek/misc/gs35g.jpg there's a picture 
of a (damaged) GS35B cathode/grid assembly. The same but /gs35a.jpg shows the 
corresponding anode. The cathode is a solid shallow dome with the grid mesh 
above it. The heater is wound as a spiral under the cathode. As far as I'm 
aware, the GI7 has a similar internal structure. No problem working any way 
up unless there's loose debris in the tube.


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