[Amps] What to do with tubeless sweep tube FL2000 ?

Alek Petkovic vk6apk at eon.net.au
Sun Jun 27 05:37:45 EDT 2004

Dunno how feasible a voltage doubler and a couple of GI7B tubes would be. 
The tubes are cheap and it would be an interesting project.

73 and good luck,

At 05:27 AM 26/06/2004, donii at sympatico.ca wrote:
>I've just gotten this nearly mint and hardly used FL2000 for a song. The 
>original 6KD6's are nearly new but I would like to keep them for my great 
>FT-501 with CW filter and very tired finals. Is there some type of 
>conversion the FL2000  can undergo with another type of tube(s)? It would 
>be a pity just to gut it because I stole it's tubes!  Am I barking up the 
>wrong tree? Maybe I should retube the FT-501 and use the FL2000??
>The FL2000's  power supply gives 1200 volts dc. and I can do moderate 
>circuit modifications to accomadate one or more tubes. Maybe put a doubler 
>circuit in the H.V. bringing it up to 2400 v. then I could put in 572's or 
>something else?
>Another question: Are the four original 6KD6's in the FL2000 matched ?
>73's all
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