[Amps] glass chimneys

Jason Buchanan jsb at digistar.com
Mon Nov 7 01:10:26 EST 2005


I have a couple glass chimneys with a 2 inch diameter vent hole, 4 inch 
diameter at the base and stand 4 inches tall.

I don't think these are for the 3-400Z as my understanding was that the 
3-400Z SK-416 chimney is 3.5 inches tall with a 2.5 inch diameter vent 
hole.  But these chimneys are 1/2 inch taller and the vent hole is 1/2 
inch more narrow.  There's no markings on the glass so I have no idea 
where they were made.

Do their dimensions ring a bell for some other type of tube?  I suspect 
at 4 inches tall they'd work for a 3-500Z but I dunno what ramifications 
the 2 inch vent hole has (as opposed to my hunch that the 3-500Z vent 
hole specs call for 2.5 inch).

73 Jason N1SU

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