[Amps] 220V wiring: Was Question about safety ground connection

Colin Lamb k7fm at teleport.com
Thu Nov 17 17:46:54 EST 2005

I am often embarassed when, trying to be funny, I propose something outrageous - only to learn that it has already been adopted.  I guess the legislators have a more warped sense of humor than I do.  Only problem is that no one laughs at theirs, although sometimes I have the same problem.  

Colin  K7FM

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Colin Lamb wrote:

> To prevent homeowners from replacing circuit breakers with ones of larger value, the new code will require wiring to have fusible links spread throughout the house, behind locked panels.  If any of the fusible links fail, it will require the homeowner to call a licensed electrician, who will then have to report the homeowner so that the appropriate fine may be assessed for exceeding the the current limit in a residential zone.  
Hmmm  - maybe you jest, but it sounds very like the 'Part P' building 
regulations recently imposed in Blighty. There are a few exceptions for 
the time being, but the aim appears to be to stamp out anyone doing 
their own domestic wiring. Step by step Big Brother is coming....

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