[Amps] inrush current limiter

Jason Buchanan jsb at digistar.com
Sun Nov 20 15:14:31 EST 2005


> Thermistors add to HV xfmr pri. winding ESR -- which worsens HV 
> regulation.  What kind of resistor/s blew?

I've got an Ameritron ICP-240 inrush protector for this L4.  It works ok, 
just wondering if there is something better.  The only reason I was 
interested in the thermistors (but definitely not anymore after 
investigating ESR from Panasonic's PDFs) was to avoid the transients caused 
by relay chatter in the ICP-240.  I noticed that the traces on the board 
inside the ICP-240 had started to peel and i've souped it up by using real 
wire instead of copper traces.

I looked at the SS-100 on Harbach's site but those relays don't look like 
they're up to the job of quenching the thirst of 8 560uF filter C.  I could 
be very wrong though.

73 Jason N1SU

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