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This type of fastener is availiable in many sizes in both metric and
standard threads. The automotive industry uses this type of fastener and
simple installation tools are availiable thru many automotive supply
houses.Typical uses: Mirror retention nuts for large external mirrors,
spoilers,etc..Jim K7RDX..
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> There may be some confusion as to difference between a rivnut and a PEM
nut.  They are 2 different animals folks.
> PEM nut name is taken from an actual manufacturer of a type of nut pressed
into the metal.  The process of pressing it into the metal actually
displaces material arond the hole into which it is inserted.  A set of
radial "spokes" is what displaces the metal and holds the nut in place and
keeps it from turning.  Try this web site for Penn  Engineering from whence
the name PEM nut came.  Try  http://www.pemnut.com  OR search for Penn
Engineering.  Lot of good info on the "PEM" nut there.
> For rivnuts try http://www.enfasco.com or http://www.emhart.com .
> I have nothing to do with any of the above mentioned companies except for
their being a supplier of these types of products used at the company for
which I am employeed.  I will not get one cent from them if you used a
million or just one.  If you use them correctly and get good results and are
satisfied with your results, WAY TO GO; if not DON'T BLAME ME.
> There are other suppliers but these came to my memory first and a quick
search on GOOGLE brought them up, first on the list.
> 73 de Arne N7KA
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