[Amps] Paypal only

Jim Kearman jkearman at att.net
Thu Apr 13 01:07:37 EDT 2006


> Those selling with "paypal only" are loosing a lot of money. 

Maybe, but the ones who really lose are the ones who don't take PayPal IMO. At least you have a prayer of getting your money back that way. I've been ripped off for hundreds of dollars through mail fraud which the USPO cares nothing about. Yes, I've filed. I've tracked similar items and stuff sold by PayPal users always seems to fetch higher prices. I got the two caps and variable inductor for my tuner last year for less than the same variable inductor -- with a cracked end plate -- recently went for. I'm sure it was because the guy I bought from didn't take PP and the other guy did. 

Indeed, I don't take anything but PayPal anymore, either. I got messed up with a guy who sent money (he said) that never got here and dinged me. Never again. I don't think it hurt me a bit on two recent sales. Anyone with a checking account can get and send money via PayPal. The fees are a nuisance, but they're offset by the convenience. I had both items on the way to the buyers long before I would have received payment through the mail.


Jim, KR1S

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