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Will Matney craxd1 at verizon.net
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I don't take Paypal, am I a scammer?



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On 4/13/06 at 7:34 AM PA3DUV wrote:

>I cannot agree more. On all my amplifier deals over the last years I used 
>Paypal, either as a seller or buyer. I am happy to pay the fees as the 
>reward is a safe and fast money transfer AND the fact that reliable
>people take Paypal, scammers NEVER take Paypal.
>Cheers, Dick
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>> Will,
>>> Those selling with "paypal only" are loosing a lot of money.
>> Maybe, but the ones who really lose are the ones who don't take PayPal 
>> IMO. At least you have a prayer of getting your money back that way.
>> been ripped off for hundreds of dollars through mail fraud which the
>> cares nothing about. Yes, I've filed. I've tracked similar items and
>> sold by PayPal users always seems to fetch higher prices. I got the two 
>> caps and variable inductor for my tuner last year for less than the same 
>> variable inductor -- with a cracked end plate -- recently went for. I'm 
>> sure it was because the guy I bought from didn't take PP and the other
>> did.
>> Indeed, I don't take anything but PayPal anymore, either. I got messed
>> with a guy who sent money (he said) that never got here and dinged me. 
>> Never again. I don't think it hurt me a bit on two recent sales. Anyone 
>> with a checking account can get and send money via PayPal. The fees are
>> nuisance, but they're offset by the convenience. I had both items on the 
>> way to the buyers long before I would have received payment through the 
>> mail.
>> 73,
>> Jim, KR1S
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