[Amps] Cal Lab

Will Matney craxd1 at verizon.net
Thu Apr 20 19:36:03 EDT 2006


I wanted to let everyone know I recently finished buying almost everything to set up a calibration lab for hams and others. The price of calibration is too high for anyone to stand, so I decided to start this and offer prices that well all could afford. Right now, I will have the following equipment available to use by the end of next month;

Fluke 760A volt/amp/ohm calibrator which was just calibrated by the military metcal lab.

Calibration Standards DC-110BR precision voltage calibrator that shows the difference between the meter under test and the standard (differential test) allowing you to set the meter dead on with the standard.

ESI 230B Guarded Resistance Bridge which will be converted to a precision resistance standard of 1 Ohm - 12 Giga Ohm at 0.01% tolerance.

A custom frequency standard which is under construction using a HP 10544A high stability oven oscillator that was just checked for aging and calibrated with a cesium frequency standard. I will be building a custom rubidium standard within the next 2-3 months to go with it. Also, I am working on another OCXO standard using a Stanford Research Systems, low phase noise, 10 MHz oven oscillator.

L and C standards are all I haven't started to purchase yet as there's not too many who have LCR meters to calibrate. I will eventually have these in the future. I am also looking at making some standards for L, C, and R to sell which will be a lot cheaper than the ones available. I have the supplies to buy the components from, it's just a matter of starting them.

If any are interested, please contact me off the list.



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