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Stations do not genlock to network anymore so that nationwide standard is
not valid.
Most use synchronizers to lock network to a local station.
3.58 fcc limit is +/- 5hz so you are at the mercy of their maintenance
Some stations, however, have their transmitters locked to GPS sources.
A good refrence would be a surplus "Dicipline Clock" from the cell phone

Pete K4OM
Huntington, WV

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If you use the tv be sure to check with the station to see if they actually
use a rubidium or other good standard. I don't know about these days but in
the past not all stations used good standards.

Gary  K4FMX

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> Bob,
> You know I never did think of that, but your exactly right! A person could
> make a circuit up to do that using a color burst crystal and connecting to
> the cable, but that would be a good size project. Using a small, cheap TV
> with a jack on the back, picking up the color burst signal would be the
> cheapest way.
> I actually have two OCXO's in two pieces of equipment I already have. I
> have a HP 5328 counter with an internal 10 MHz OCXO standard, and a Racal-
> Dana RF generator with an internal OCXO standard. The one I'm building is
> using a HP 10 MHz OCXO from a counter that was calibrated the other day.
> The standard has the OCXO, a power supply, and a buffer amp in the
> cabinet. Not hard to build at all. The rubidium one I'm going to build is
> the same setup. You can buy the rubidium modules off ebay at a good price.
> All they really need is a power source, and a buffer amp as an option.
> There's a guy selling the kits on ebay to build a GPS disciplined OCXO
> too. He has both the kit and the OCXO's for sell which together cost about
> $150. I could buy the kit for $75 and finish it. I may do that on another
> project, or modify this one later on. The 10 MHz OCXO I'm getting, I want
> to use to check my counters and generators with first thing where it has
> been calibrated. I was looking at one simil
>  ar built by a ham on the net showing in detailed photos what he did. He
> built a box inside the chassis for the OCXO, and lined it with styrofoam
> insulation. He said it helped stabilize it tremendously from room
> temperature fluctuations. The rest he did the same as me, using a
> regulated PS, and a buffer amp.
> Best,
> Will
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> >On 4/23/06 at 2:37 PM BIRCHWAY at aol.com wrote:
> >Will:
> >If you need a quick and easy source for accurate frequency, you can run a
> >probe from your freq. counter to the back of a color tv set and pick up
> >the 3.58 color burst signal, which is phase locked to WWV
> >nationwide...Bob...W0PQX....
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