[Amps] The Hamvention

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Fri Apr 28 11:41:14 EDT 2006

     It seems that there is a lot of selling activity a month or two before 
the Dayton Hamvention. I suspect that folks are trying to raise funds to 
get cool stuff there.  I would like to get compile a list of contact 
information for hams going. If you are interested in getting on the list 
please send the following:
Call sign
Email address, Web Page link
Cell phone Number
flea market location
Simplex frequency
List of items you are selling
List of items you are looking for
Interest etc.

Please send it in the above form to make it easy to cut and paste.

The real question is should I only send the list to those who participate 
or request it or should I post it on the general mailing list. You may not 
want your phone number to be available to just anyone.
I want to do the same with the Boat Anchor list as well. Any other list you 
can think of?
    Do the AMPS guys have a particular simplex frequency they use at Dayton?

Bill wa4lav

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