[Amps] Engineering

Will Matney craxd1 at verizon.net
Fri May 12 19:50:03 EDT 2006


To any who are interested and does their own blue line prints at their home or office, I ran across this GAF E size blueline machine on ebay. It's located in Castle Rock, CO. and is a pick-up only item. The lady will not ship this. This also has the vacuum system for the amonia fumes. I have a smaller one by another manufacturer without the vacuum, and believe me, the vacuum is a blessing. This will do bluelines or blacklines (if they're the ammonia type of paper) from A size to E size. She's going to throw in some ammonia, and what ever else she finds to go with it. That's good as it means it has the gallon jug adapter and hoses. These are realy easy to use. You have to purchase the ammonia from a blueprint supply (store ammonia isn't strong enough), and the paper is all that's required. A gallon of ammonia lasts for a long time too. This one, you vent the vacuum outside so no ammonia fumes will be in your house or office. To develop a print, you place your drawing (vellum) on top of the paper and feed both sheets together into the machine. In the end, the two sheets are seperated and the print made. It's that simple. This can be used with the blackline paper (remember, it has to be the ammonia type) to make amplifier face plates if your doing more than one, or any other faceplate for that matter. Take the print and apply a clear plastic overlay and you have it. If it wasn't pick up only, I'd sure bid on it as right now it's opening bid is a whole $0.99 cents! This is the same size used in most engineering offices I've worked at. To any around Castle Rock, good luck as I wish I could buy it.





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