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> We seen some admitting to 10 KW wasn't it in the poll?

We do not know Will.
The output power steps were 3 db up, so it could be anything between 8 and 
16 kW
3 dB steps were chosen due to the advice of very experienced members of this 
forum who say that a power step of less than 3 dB is noth worth taking.
As Rich Measures concluded only 3% was over 16 kW. I actually did not 
consider to include a higher power class into the poll, but hey, anyone can 
make a mistake isn't it.

Cheers, Dick
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I'm glad I never started this thread or I'm sure it would have been stopped 
just after it started, with a threat of removing me from the list over 
complaining about the FCC again. It does bring to light something I knew for 
years though in that some in the amateur community were guilty of running 
excessive (illegal) power, plus were some of the very ones who pointed their 
fingers at the 11 meter crowd complaining about them. I'll about bet that 
there's more 2000+ watt stations running amateur than there are running on 
11 meters. That, even in 11 meters hay day. We seen some admitting to 10 KW 
wasn't it in the poll? Plus a good number admitting to over 1500+ watts. And 
some folks wonder how some of the contests are won?



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On 5/19/06 at 8:50 PM hermans wrote:

>" YAR "
>Translated Yet An other Religeon.....!
>Curious how one would react when overtaken by a F1 or a CANAM on there
>regular highway......?
>For some people the rules are made to tell us how far one can go, staying
>For some other its just a reference where to start, being illegal.
>And I just would live a couple of hundred years to satisfy my curiosity and
>Jos on4kj os5n
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>"I am curious why so many anti-power, anti-amp people participate in an
>amplifier mailing list."
>Possible reasons:
>Taking down names?
>Reading Rich Measures opinions?
>Writing new laws for the FCC?
>The same arguments work for the QRP forum for those abusers who exceed 5
>Colin  K7FM
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