[Amps] Roller inductor grease?

Harold Mandel ka1xo at juno.com
Wed May 31 14:47:01 EDT 2006

Molybdenum disulphide grease.
Silver-bearing grease.

Do not use the copper-laden thread protector grease
used in nuke plants on conduit. That stuff dries to a wax.

Do not use No-Ox-Id "A" or "A"-Special. It's not
a lubricant and has a low electrical conductivity.

If nothing else is available, mix Lock-Eze
powder with some non-detergent motor oil.


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The tunable inductor on my Henry 2 K Classic can be a little difficult to 
turn, and it 
makes a metal on metal "squeaking" sound.  Is there any form of lubricant 
which can 
be used on it which will not interefere with its proper operation?  Would 
ordering a
new inductor be advisable?  Thanks for the read guys.

Kevin -KC8GIA
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