[Amps] Tank circuit Q

Mike Saculla fqm at msn.com
Thu Apr 19 18:12:58 EDT 2007

The tank coils of real big transmitters are often water cooled! When you 
already have the water circuit to cool the tubes, it's not that much more 
effort. I guess you would need some coiled water hoses as chokes, though! 

**** I built an x-ray machine some years ago (at my job, not at home) and 
had to use coiled plastic water hose as resistors to stand-off the HV of the 
x-ray head fom the water inlets and outlets. Even using low conductivity 
water, a certain "length" of water was needed as a stand-off.

I can imagine something similar used in high powered amps, but don't know 
for sure what is necessary. Voltages in an x-ray source are generally much 
higher than for vacuum tubes.


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