[Amps] Availability of 4CX800a/GU-74B tubes

Paul M Dunphy amplifier at ve1dx.net
Fri Apr 20 16:24:43 EDT 2007

     Unfortunately it appears the supply of cheap Russian military 
surplus 4CX800a/GU-74B tubes has dried up.  I did an exhaustive 
Internet search, and there just do not seem to be any left (other 
than buying them on eBay from someone you don't know.)

     I'm told by the one or two vendors that do have them that they 
are getting harder and harder to get, and that the price is likely to 
increase substantially.  Maybe the major manufacturers (ACOM, QRO, 
ALPHA, etc.) have bought most of them up.  At any rate, I'm curious 
if anyone knows of a "secret" source where they are still selling for 
less that $150-$200 USD.  The cheapest I saw was $349 USD for the 
Svetlana versions.  Still not a bad deal, but if they keep on 
increasing, they'll soon be up there with Eimac . . .

     I hope the lifetime of these is substantial.  I've heard nothing 
but good things about them, and today I made the plunge and ordered 
an ACOM-1000 to replace my AL811H.  It might be a good idea to stock 
up on a spare tube or two now.

73, Paul VE1DX 
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