[Amps] Replacement plate choke for Alpha 76

Dan Hearn dhearn at air-pipe.com
Tue May 22 00:11:32 EDT 2007

Joe;: Along that line I believe I once saw a mod for the RFC on the 76A as
it had an undesired resonance on, I believe, 15 or 17m. The guy made a
single turn of insulated buss wire around the choke. He moved it up and down
until the resonance was moved into the CB band so it would work on 15 (
could have been 17m). If it ever was bought by a CBer smoke would ensue. I
think the tip was in some small DX magazine, not one of the present
magazines. FWIW. 73, Dan, N5AR

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Does anyone have a source for a replacement plate choke for an alpha 76.
The value on this one is 15 MH @ 1 amp.  The RF parts version for
replacement is 225mh @ 1 amp.  The rf parts replacvenet has screwed up the
amp even more!! Now the amp doesn't work at all!!  Any Ideas out there??  Oh
by the way  Alpha does not list any replacement for this part on the

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