[Amps] attaching a heat spreader to a heat sink

tjjapha at earthlink.net tjjapha at earthlink.net
Tue May 22 09:59:07 EDT 2007

Please send any replys to the list.  I'm in just the same stage as you are
with the EB-104.  
The large heat sink is not exactly flat and I was wondering if a layer or 2
of aluminum foil between the copper and the middle part of the heat sink
would help.  I will be using 6 screws to hold the copper to the sink, 4
near the copper corners and 2 midway on the short side of the copper
because the long sides of the heat sink are a bit higher than the middle. 
It seems flat in the other dimension.

If you haven't drilled the copper yet, be extra careful.  It's easy to
break off drill bits and taps.  Use lots of heavy oil and use a wee bit
larger hole than prescribed for the holes you are tapping.  My friend and I
had a very tough time with it.

Tony, N2UN

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