[Amps] attaching a heat spreader to a heat sink

Robert Bonner rbonner at qro.com
Tue May 22 10:43:49 EDT 2007

Send to machinist for a surface job.  Don't mess around.

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tjjapha at earthlink.net wrote:
> Dan,
> Please send any replys to the list.  I'm in just the same stage as you are
> with the EB-104.  
> The large heat sink is not exactly flat and I was wondering if a layer or
> of aluminum foil between the copper and the middle part of the heat sink
> would help.  

There is no substitute for getting both pieces machined flat and 
finished with a low roughness surface. If they don't 'suck' like slip 
guages when you use a very thin film of heatsink compound, they're not 
flat enough.

Anything else will put your expensive transistors at risk.

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