[Amps] Need some 4-1000 amps worked on a little (Jack KZ4USA)

Bill Otten harpman54 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon May 28 21:48:31 EDT 2007

Hello Jack...
I can't work on that 4-1000 amp but let me know if you find someone in the area. One thing I would like to do is learn a bit more about the 4-1000. I have a beautifully built RF deck (4-1000) but without a power supply. I'd love to get some help on building a supply for it, and learn more from someone who's knowledgeable. Prior to this I built a 2x 4-400A amplifier and wish I'd never let it go. It had a very ample power supply. I'm still hunting parts for the power supply for this new 4-1000 deck and not having a lot of luck. I'm just north of you in Largo.


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