[Amps] Misc Items for sale

Dennis Ashworth K7FL at arrl.net
Mon Jan 21 00:50:07 EST 2008

Miscellaneous amplifier or tuner parts:

Radio Switch 88:
36º index. 2 pole, 9 position. 13 KV, 30 amps.
1/4" x 0.967"L shaft. 4" nominal, 5" diameter
max. 5-1/2" behind panel depth. Some tarnish on
contacts, but overall good condition. $50.

Air variable capacitors:
E.F. Johnson dual gang 151 pf per section at 7KV air variable capacitor - $35.
E.F. Johnson single gang 800pf, 3.5KV air variable capacitor - $35.

Roller Inductor:
Ceramic core; coil measures 3.5" dia, 8 tpi and 
8.75" long. Good condition overall, but there is 
a small chip in the ceramic core - it doesn't 
cause electrical or mechanical issues. Detailed 
pictures available. Overall dimensions: 13" long, 4.5"wide and 7" high.

Simpson Panel Meter:
Model 2124 0-3 amps DC 4" panel meter - Never
used and in original Simpson box - $10

Pictures available upon request.

Dennis, K7FL
Battle Ground, WA

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