[Amps] Keeping RTVs and Liquid Electrical Tape useable

Roger (K8RI) sub1 at rogerhalstead.com
Tue Jun 24 16:26:16 EDT 2008

Both the RTVs and Liquid Electrical tape are known for short life after 
opening. The RTVs have a relatively short shelf life even when not 

I've found that putting the Liquid electrical Tape cans into a small 
fruit jar (Mason Jar) the gasketed kind extends the life of the material 
almost indefinitely.
I keep the tubes of Silastic RTV (TM) calk in either Tupper ware 
containers or brand-X.  I have both opened and unopened tubes that I 
purchased before retiring (in 96) that are still good.  The squeeze 
tubes must breathe at least a little as the smell of acetic acid is very 
strong when the top is taken off the plastic container even when the 
tubes within have have never been opened.


Roger (K8RI)

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