[Amps] Source of HVB Fuse?

Kevin LaHaie klahaie at centricata.com
Sun Oct 5 11:43:45 EDT 2008

Just about done restoring a Henry 2K to original condition, and I find 
that the HV fuse is open.  It was made by Littlefuse, 1.5a @ 2500v.

Searching the Internet, I see reference to Cooper/Bussman HVB fuses, in 
the same form factor (.4" x 4.5")  and available in the same spec. Now, 
where to find them???

Any leads to a source of one or two of these (hopefully never need 
another) would be appreciated.

Per the recent thread here, HV fuses are not just 'any old fuse'.

Thanks es Best 73
Kevin K7ZS

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