[Amps] SELL: special SB-220 et al resistors

Gudguyham at aol.com Gudguyham at aol.com
Sun Oct 5 13:05:40 EDT 2008

Owners of SB-220/1, HL-2200 and Drake L4 and L4B....Your amps all use a  very 
hard to find resistor.  The SB-220 et al uses a .82 ohm 2 watt  resistor for 
a grid shunt.  This resistor also acts like a fuse, it blows  up with semi 
catastrophic events.  The Drake L4 and L4B uses this resistor  as a fuse in the 
HV lead.  You always have spare fuses on hand for your  equipment, but not 
always this one.  If you ever blew one of these, you  know how hard they are to 
find.  I have seen many use higher wattage  resistors in place of a blown one, 
that is a risky replacement just like using  too big of a fuse.  I am offering 
an exact replacement resistor that is  BETTER than the original.  The original 
resistor was a silver banded, these  are gold banded!!  I am offering them in 
lots of 5 for $5.00 shipped.   Don't miss that DX or the next contest because 
a  blown  resistor.

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