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I have nothing but good things to say about Alpha.  When they were going to be at Ham Com in Plano TX last June, Alpha's prez Molly Hardemann W0MOM called me and said to bring my 9500 with me to Ham Com.  They would take it back to Boulder with them, make all the hardware and software mods it needed and ship it back to me at no charge.  Can't beat customer service like that, making changes even before I knew there were any problems.

And this was even before I had had a chance to put it on the air.  I had to wait for an electrician to schedule a "small job" like mine to install a 220 line in the shack.  Took him months to schedule it.

My 30-L-1 was wired for 120 and worked like a charm on that voltage with 600 watts out max, even though the most I ever ran on the air was 500 and usually just 400 watts out.  Just didn't want to push the 811A's

73 de Tom, WW5L

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> Tom-
> Be sure to tell me how you like the amp.  I have had my eye
> on one for
> years. Some of the guys in this area pre-bought the first
> ones, and they
> didn't tune properly and were taken back by Alpha.  So
> I have held off till
> the bugs were worked out.  Congratulations on a first class
> amp.
> 73
> Bob W2WG
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> Fellow Amateurs:
> Just got my new Alpha 9500 and was wondering if the flat
> 1-2" silver braid
> or just say #4 or maybe #2 gauge wire made the best ground?
> I've been using #4 on my Collins 30-L-1 for years.
> 73 de Tom, WW5L
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