[Amps] Doorknob needed

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Tue Oct 28 18:47:24 EDT 2008


Just looked in my parts box for a 210pf 15kv jennings fixed vacuum 
doorknob I thought I had but I either gave it away when I moved back 
to CT or I just can't find it & it's buried somewhere. All I can find 
is a 50pf & a 80pf at 15kv. 

I need to replace the 80M doorknob on the Butternut vertical (calls 
for a 200pf @ 10kv) but it's a HEC type & not very hefty. I'm 
guessing I can use the 210pf in place of the 200pf and perhaps the 
50pf I did find will suffice for the 67pf (smaller butternut doorknob 
used for 40M). 

I've got a MFJ antenna analyzer on the way so that'll let me know for 
sure if there's leeway to adjust.

Anyone have one or know of know of a reasonable source for a vaccum 
210pf @ 15kv?



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