[Amps] SGC-Mini Lini

Jim Tonne tonne at comcast.net
Mon Aug 10 11:35:39 PDT 2009

Bill WA4LAV et al:

Your writeup on the builtin problem with the
MiniLini is right on!

To add some detail, I understand that the problem
was supposedly minimized by using a 250 kHz
switching frequency in the modulator and then of
course also moving the post-modulator lowpass
filter out so its time delay would be minimized.

Such an approach is of course an attempt at
minimizing the problem (not eliminating) it as
regards matching the phase and amplitude

To actually fix the problem the RF channel has to
be delayed in time.  The MiniLini did no such thing.

On the other aspects (did the inventor die, and so
on) I am ignorant.

- Jim W4ENE

>  The problem with the Mini Lini was that since 
> they used a switching power supply/modulator 
> the amplitude information was delayed in the 
> processing to PWM and then in the filtering that 
> followed and  the signal from the  class-E amplifier 
> was amplitude and phase modulated but they 
> were no longer in time sync. 

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