[Amps] 4-1000A in LK2000

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Sat Jul 4 14:44:46 PDT 2009

It should work fine with a 4-1000A and meet its original specifications.
1000 Watts Plate Input Power. A bit less than half today's limits for CW and
a bit lower than today's limit for SSB. 
But far from what a 4-1000A is capable of in grounded grid operation with
5kV or more plate voltage. However, if you wanted to do that you would
have to change just about everything in the amplifier from the power supply
components to the PI network capacitors and maybe even more.
   But, I see nothing wrong with doing it. A 4-1000A  should last a long long time 
in the amplifier. One point, the 4-1000A is taller and be careful that the 
plate cap does not get too close to the shielding. I have no personal experience
with this amp but have seen others encounter the problem. Also, the chimney
for the 4-1000A is taller as well. 

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