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Sun Jun 7 17:28:09 PDT 2009

I have a very large transformer that I would like to get rid of. I had it sold a couple times only to have the buyer back out at the last moment. I purchased it for a 4CX10,000D/8171 amplifier project. I purchased the 4CX10,000D/8171 tube only to have it arrive damaged. I then purchased this transformer along with the tube and socket, only to have this tube and socket arrive damaged also. I shelved the project indefinitely.
The transformer weighs roughly 250 pounds. It was originally used in commercial equipment with a 4CX5000A/8170 tube which has the same power requirements as the 4CX10,000D/8171. It was so heavy, it had to be disassembled into six separate boxes for shipping. The seller did not know the voltage rating, but this is a very large three phase transformer. I figured I could use a number of configurations with just one coil, or two in either series or parallel to get a variety of outputs that would be much more than suitable for my needs.
If you are building one of those beefy power supplies, this will surely handle the demand. I am willing to take little to nothing if you pick it up in Fair Oaks, CA. I will ship it if you want to cover the costs, but this may be difficult. Contact me off list if you are interested.
Jim Smith,

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