[Amps] Variacs FS -

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Wed Jun 24 15:02:11 PDT 2009

More shop cleaning.  I found a rather surprising number of variable transformers (i.e. 'variac') around the shop and they should go off into the world and find a new home. I've put all my available variacs in a single web album:
<http://picasaweb.google.com/bob.groh/Variacs?feat=directlink >

description of each item is included in the photo album.  Prices
(without shipping charges) are listed below. 

General notes: prices do NOT
include shipping. Drop me an email indicating which units you are
interested in and your zip code and I will send you back a price which
includes shipping and handling.  I typically use USPS Priority Mail (smaller packages), USPS Parcel Post (for heavier items) or UPS Ground (for heavier items).  I prefer payment by PayPal but personal check or money order is fine too (just takes a lot longer!). 

the variable transformers are 120 VAC input.  Current capabilities
range from 1.75A up to 20A. All have been tested and work well.  I
looked each one over and they seem to be in good condition - wiring,
brushes, etc. 

Units and Prices:
PowerStat 1.75A (two available)                                           $ 20 each
General Radio Variac 2.4A                                                    $ 25
PowerStat Lab Unit 7.5A                                                       $ 55
PowerStat 15A                                                                      $ 70
PowerStat 20A                                                                      $ 85   

Let me know if you are interested in any.  What folk's don't want will go on EBAY in a week or so.

Bob, WA2CKY             

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