[Amps] dumb query about fuses (maybe!)

Carl km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Tue May 12 13:56:31 PDT 2009

Ive seen 120V 15A fuses used on 240V open up from normal use heat Van.

I dont know if the 240V ceramic versions use different internal 
materials or construction but they appear to not suffer from heat and of 
course they dont shatter when severly stressed.


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>I know ohms law so don't need the math.  Just a very specific question
> regarding fuses used in an amplifier on the AC side.
> My amp requires 15 amp fuses if using 125V and requires 10 amp fuses 
> for
> 220V operation.
> Does the voltage of the fuse make any difference??  i.e  What happens 
> if I
> use a 15 amp fuse rated at 125V rather than what they ask for?  (10 
> amp at
> 240V)....does the voltage rating make a difference??  Or just the 
> current
> rating of the fuse?
> And finally, is a ceramic better than a glass fuse for some reason?
> I know this may sound pretty dumb to some but missed the the class on 
> fuses.
> Thanks much.  Van, K7VS
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